The Best Fat Burning Foods

Over the years, obesity has become a big problem in the United States. More often than not, people gain weight without realizing they have put on the pounds. They only make this discovery when they step on a scale, notice their clothes are too tight or see an unflattering picture of themselves.

What’s worrying is that many people never seem to lose the weight that they are carrying. People in this situation will need to commit to losing weight and improving their health.

The most effective and lasting way to lose weight is to consume healthful foods and exercise regularly. However, eating foods that burn fat quickly can speed up this process. Listed below are the top 7 fat burning foods.

Fat Burning Foods - Cayenne PepperBest Fat Burning Food #1: Cayenne Pepper

People have known about the health benefits of cayenne pepper for centuries. This spicy pepper increases the body’s production of heat and lipid oxidation. The process of lipid oxidation is when the body melts off fat for energy.

Other benefits of cayenne pepper include decreased appetite and slowing down the growth of fat cells. All of theses factors are important when it comes to losing weight.

Best Fat Burning Food #2: CinnamonFat Burning Foods - Cinnamon

In the old days, this spice was more valuable than gold. When a person consumes cinnamon, their blood sugar levels are lowered. This is good news for both diabetics and dieters. High blood sugar is closely associated with obesity and weight gain.

Fat Burning Foods - GingerBest Fat Burning Food #3: Ginger

In Europe, ginger was so popular that it appeared on every dinner table – just like salt and pepper does today. Ginger is known to activate the metabolic system and experts believe that it can increase the metabolism by as much as 20%.

Some people believe that ginger also suppresses the appetite. While there is no scientific evidence to back this up, ginger balances the body. When push comes to shove, balanced bodies are healthy bodies.

Best Fat Burning Food #4: Citrus FruitsFat Burning Foods - Citrus

Everybody knows that citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. What they do not know is that research has proved that the more vitamin C in the body, the lower the body fat.

A study has also stated that people with high levels of vitamin C have a smaller waistline. This is because vitamin C burns body fat.

Oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit are not just great for fighting off illness. Eating these fruits could make a visible impact on a person’s appearance!

Fat Burning Foods - Apples & BerriesBest Fat Burning Food #5: Apples & Berries

Apples and berries are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and pectin. Pectin is a water soluble carbohydrate which resembles a natural gum or gel. When people eat fruits with pectin in them, the body absorbs it instead of absorbing the fat.

Best Fat Burning Food #6: Wild-Caught SalmonFat Burning Foods - Wild Caught Salmon

Everybody talks a lot about eating foods with low-fat content or no fat at all. However, along the way people forgot about the healthy fats which are good for the body. Some of these are EFAs (essential fatty acids).

EFAs are found in fish. One of the best sources of EFAs is wild salmon. These fats decrease the body’s insulin resistance and increase the production of leptin. Leptin is a vital hormone which burns fat and acts as an appetite suppressant. The best way to see results is to eat wild salmon a few times a week.

Can People Lose Weight by Just Eating Fat Burning Foods?

Eating fat burning foods is not going to help if dieters insist on eating a high calorie diet. Ideally, dieters will go on a calorie controlled diet which includes the above foods.

In addition, dieters need to ensure that their diet contains protein, complex carbohydrates and plenty of fruits and vegetables. The best way to lose weight is to eat the foods a person loves – in moderation. The less processed a food is, the better.

For instance, dieters may give themselves a cheat day where they can eat whatever they want. While dieters may end up gorging themselves at first, their newly found eating habits will encourage them to make better choices in the future.

Drinking lots of water will also help. When the body thinks it is dehydrated, it holds on to water weight. By simply drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water per day, dieters can drop a few pounds within a few days.

Finally, exercise also has its role in weight loss. Since losing weight is all about burning off more calories than the body consumes, dieters need to stay active. Experts state people should exercise every day. This does not need to be an intense workout at the gym. It could also be a short walk or going swimming.

If dieters follow the above tips, they will lose around 1 to 2 pounds a week. Taking supplements make increase the total amount of weight lost.


Vitamin D Deficiency – How to Avoid

Vitamin D is a very important vitamin. Often times, people suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency because they do not understand the importance of this amazing vitamin. This deficiency can cause weak bones, pain in the bones, and even bone loss.

Vitamin D DeficiencyVitamin D Benefits

Vitamin D is also used to help numerous ailments such as rickets, and even high blood pressure. It is fairly easy to absorb as it is found in foods and sunlight. However, despite being so important and easy to obtain many people find themselves suffering from the deficiency. By understanding why it is important and understanding how to absorb enough of it for a healthy diet you are sure to maintain proper levels of this important vitamin in your system.

What is Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that promotes overall health as well as healthy and strong bones. It also ensures that your lungs, heart, and brain work well, allowing your body to fight any infection. Vitamin D can be found in food including fatty fish like mackerel, sardines, herring, and tuna. It can also be found in dairy products, cereals, and juices. These foods have had the vitamin added to them and often state that they are fortified with the nutrient. However, more than 90% of the vitamin that the body receives comes from sunlight. For those that are especially deficient they may be prescribed a medicinal form of the vitamin.

vitamin-d-supplement-gel-caplets_123rf.com_-1024x661Medicinal Purposes of Vitamin D

Vitamin D promotes overall health, especially the health of bones. It is also used for those people that have low bone density and experience low levels of calcium as well as bone loss. This mineral can also assist those people suffering from kidney failure. Other conditions that it is used for include any conditions related to blood vessels and the heart even including high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Obesity, diabetes, and muscle weakness are also just some of the many conditions that it can treat. Vitamin D is essential for the skin and will help treat scleroderma psoriasis and vitligo, as well as lupus vulgaris. It is necessary for the regulating of certain minerals in the body, such as phosphorous and calcium. For this reason it is also used to treat conditions related to low phosphorous and calcium.

How Does Vitamin D Work?Vitamin D Benefits

It is essential for the regulation of minerals and it also plays a very important role in the bone structure.  The easiest way to absorb it is through the sun and is also the most reliable way. By exposing the legs, arms, face, and hands to sunlight at least three times a week, your body can produce enough of it. When calculating necessary sun exposure times it is important to ask a dermatologist or doctor as sun exposure for proper levels vary with skin type, season, age, and even time of day. It is also important to not get a sunburn while outside, for this reason it is essential that you monitor direct sunlight and ensure that you achieve a healthy balance between enough sun and too much sun.

Utilizing The Sun for Vitamin D Absorption

Getting vitamin D through the sun is the best way to restore levels in your system. For example, by spending six days in casual sunlight without sunscreen an individual can make up for up to fifty days of no sunlight exposure. That is why the sun is so important in maintaining vitamin levels. It is stored in body fats, so during periods of casual sun exposure the mineral is stored in fatty tissues and then the stores of the mineral are released when there is no sunlight exposure.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Despite the easiness related to absorbing this vitamin through the sun, many people end up with a deficiency. People residing in Canada and the northern half of the United States are especially at risk for the deficiency. It can also occur in those climates that are sun friendly due to most people staying and working indoors as well as covering up when inside. Sunscreen is another reason people can end up with a vitamin d deficiency, people do not give themselves enough time outside without sunscreen to absorb enough of the vitamin. It is of course important to utilize sunscreen, but be sure that you spend a bit of time outside without it to ensure you maintain your levels.

The elderly can be especially susceptible to vitamin d deficiency. They tend to spend less time in the sun and their skin has fewer receptors that allow the sunlight to convert to the vitamin. They are also more likely to not get it in their diet. Even if they do get it in their diet their older kidneys may have a hard time processing it and converting it. Experts estimate that people age 65 and older are at a high risk for deficiency and as many as 40% of those people living in sunny climates do not have enough of it in their system.

To ensure that your body gets enough of this essential mineral be sure to spend time in the sun casually at least three times a week. Also, try to add it to your diet. If you feel that you are still not getting enough check with your doctor as they may be able to run tests and assist you in ensuring that you maintain your levels. Vitamin D is essential to a healthy life and yet a large percentage of the population are unaware of this.


How To Lose Back Fat

How to Lose Back FatBack fat is something that most people, especially women, try to eliminate. It is however among the hardest places to target. Usually, the fat around your back can be seen through your shirt or blouse, which may prevent you from putting on clothes that are tight fitting around the back area. To do away with the fat, learning how to lose back fat is essential. A healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise regimen will help you get rid of that annoying fat.

Want to Lose Back Fat? – Hide itHow to Lose Back Fat - Hide it

The fastest way to minimize the appearance of back fat is covering it up with thoughtful garment selections. Ensure that your bra is properly secured and fitted in the right position. Often, if the band fails to fit, the bra back will move upward and push your back skin upward as well. This causes an unattractive seemly bra bulge. Put on a bra that has wider sides and back and it will appear more flattering under clothing. Additionally, put on shape wear such as camisole beneath your clothing in case you plan to wear tight clothes. This will help you flatten the bulges.

Healthy Eating to Lose Back FatChange your diet

Consider eating large quantities of vegetables and fruits at every meal. They are rich in essential nutrients, fiber, vitamins and water. Since this diet keeps you satisfied, you do not need to overindulge on foodstuff higher in calories. Begin each day with a vegetable omelette or green smoothie to start your fat burn. Additionally, select vegetables that are grown locally. They are more nourishing than commercial greenhouse veggies.

Take a lot of healthy fats and proteins such as lean fish and lean meat. Avoid cured or processed meats like sausage, lunchmeat and bacon. They normally have saturated fats and additives that are not good for weight loss. For vegetarians, obtain protein from healthy sources such as leafy greens and legumes. Additionally, consume avocados and flaxseed to make sure that you are taking plenty of healthy fats.

Supplement your diet with high-fiber items and whole grains. Fiber helps in digestion and keeps you satisfied for long. On the other hand, minerals and vitamins obtained from whole-grain foods help in losing weight. Avoid instant oatmeal, white rice and flour. Instead, select brown rice, whole grain bread and steel cut oats.

Avoid consuming processed foods since they contain additional sugars, trans-fats, preservatives and food coloring, which prevent shedding of back fat. Additionally, stay away from microwaveable dinners, snacks, canned and fast foods. Select whole-food snacks such as nuts, candy, granola bars, pretzels, berries and raw vegetables. Take water or herbal iced tea instead of sugary soft drinks.

Change your lifestyleLifestyle Change to Lose Back Fat

Get more relaxed and less busy. This will help you shed weight around your back, middle and sides. Generally, high stress levels stimulate the body to release cortisol. This hormone stimulates fat deposits to assemble in areas where you are trying to target. To avoid this from happening, find healthy stress busters such as meditation, running, yoga and jogging.

Get sufficient sleep since lack of it leads to body and brain stress. Aim at getting seven or eight hours of enough sleep at night. Additionally, ensure that your sleeping environment is sufficiently dark and quiet for deep sleep. Setting a sleep program is also beneficial to your health.

Take in more water. Dehydration is another stress factor that can be combated easily by drinking at least two liters of water daily.

Reduce your alcohol consumption. Alcohol brings about a sharp increase in blood sugar level as well as dehydration. This stimulates fat collection around the sides and back. To avoid this, limit yourself to one or two drinks once or twice per week. Alternatively, choose a dry drink or wine over beer or sugary mixed drinks.

Back Fat ExercisesHow to Lose Back Fat with Specific Back Exercises

Do cardio exercises regularly to burn off the stored fat. Focus on cardio exercises such as running, biking and use of elliptical machine to tone and build up back muscles. If you dislike running outside, purchase gym membership or a treadmill and work it in the daily routine. An elliptical machine is used by people who are injured easily or have weak joints.

Make use of a rowing machine to tone and burn fat off. Additionally, swimming will help you maintain high intensity workouts since the joints are not over stressed. Carrying out a basic plank drop is also useful in keeping the back muscles straight.

There are some very targeted back exercises that will help to define the back muscles. This is important because when you lose the fat in the back areas, the excess skin can be lose. Building your back muscles will fill out these areas and make the skin tight and attractive.

Core muscle exercises are also essential. These include dead lifts, weighted sit-ups, stability ball workouts, front squats and power cleans.

Spot Reduction MythThe Spot Reduction Myth

Spot reduction is considered a myth since fat is lost all over the body in a pattern that depends on age, genetics and sex hormones. Working on full body weight loss will help you lose back fat. Even though fat is gained or lost throughout the body, it appears that the first part to get fat is the midsection followed by the hips and thighs. Hip abduction and adduction, leg raises, leg-hip raises, crunches and sit-ups will just exercise the muscles beneath the fat.

Generally, back fat is a sign of unhealthy lifestyle. It has no spot solution, except working on a full body weight loss. Doing exercises, eating a healthy diet and changing your lifestyle are all essential in losing back fat.

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